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Scooter – Motorbike Rental Agreement 

Dear customer, we kindly ask you to write your requested e-mail address and phone number correctly and legibly. It will be used as your official contact information. It will be your responsibility to submit the official documents that will be sent to you (such as vehicle - scooter rental agreement, vehicle delivery form, traffic ticket, invoice, etc.).

Everything you read here and more in detail is included in your rental agreement. Your rental agreement will be sent to you via the e-mail address You can access your contract in PDF form by clicking the link in the incoming e-mail. If you cannot reach us, you can request via WhatsApp. And you can also sign it as a document.

Our customers renting 50 cc scooters should pay attention to; Since there is no insurance requirement for a 50 CC scooter, there is no compulsory financial traffic policy for the 50 CC scooter you rent. The tenant is responsible for all material and moral compensation and payments to third parties. Our company is not responsible for any injuries or physical damages suffered by the Tenant and his/her passenger. He accepts that he takes all material and moral liability for the scooter he rented and all payment (damage - loss of business) that will occur.

HGS system is not available on scooters to enter the National Park (Dilek Peninsula). Toll booths operate with a camera system. At the end of your rental period, your passes will be checked online, charged with toll fee + VAT, and a 100 TL service fee will be collected from your deposit or credit card.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to enter highways (toll highways).

If the total mileage limit for your rental is exceeded, you will be charged an excess mileage fee. The amount of 3.50 TL per head will be automatically collected from your credit card or cash deposit by our system.

50cc. Riding the scooters at full throttle and full speed without interruption causes the engine to completely break down. In such a case, you have to pay all expenses. Excessive speed on scooters is very dangerous and causes more physical damage in accidents.

Our company, as a result of the accident; It is not materially or morally responsible for any physical damage or injuries you suffer, and it is not materially or morally responsible for any physical injuries suffered by a second person you carry as a passenger. Do not use aggressively, do not over speed and obey the rules are important for your own health and you need to be careful. Motorcycle-Scooter accidents cause more physical damage to people than to vehicles. Vehicle drivers often ignore and do not pay attention to Scooter - Motorcycle users.

For a safe ride, you need to be more careful as a scooter user.

When using brakes, using front and rear brakes together will enable you to slow down and stop more safely. (80% rear brake - 20% front brake). The use of a helmet is mandatory (both for your safety and for traffic fines). Be sure to use a lock where you part

You need to read it carefully; In case of accident; Without moving the scooter or leaving the scene of the accident, it is mandatory to call 112 police or Gendarmerie and obtain "accident report, alcohol test, crime scene pictures and driver's license-traffic insurance policy and contact information of the third parties involved in the accident" (also in one-sided accidents, the police or gendarmerie report and alcohol test) In addition, it is mandatory to submit to our company the driver's license and photocopies of the page containing the passport entry date section and passport number of the driver who rented the vehicle.

Wrong direction, red light violation, use above legal speed limits, use outside of highways (tractor - forest roads), and use of persons outside the contract are prohibited by our contracts.

The tenant must pay all damages to the scooter or motorcycle you rented. Please remember that you are legally responsible for material and moral damages against the scooter you rent and third parties.

This contract has been signed by the parties in order to regulate the CAR DELIVERY FORM, which is considered an integral part of this contract, and the rentalconditions of the vehicle delivered to the Renter, as wellas the rights and obligations of the parties to each other. The obligations of the parties in this contract are valid for the vehicle or vehicles delivered to the Renter with the Vehicle Delivery Form. For this reason, this contract cannot be interpreted as meaning that the parties make a commitment to rent a car to each other. In the event that the LESSOR arranges a Vehicle Delivery Form for each vehicle delivered to the LESSEE, even on different dates, the LESSEE accepts in advance that the terms of this contract will be valid for all rentals to be made, even for these vehicles.

ONE-DAY RENTAL: It is 24 hours after the vehicle is delivered to the Renter. The minimum daily rental calculation period is 1 day after the vehicle is delivered. RENTAL FEE: It is the price paid/to be paid by the Renter only arising from the use of the vehicle. This price is shown as the Agreed Daily Value in the ATF. At the end of the rental period or if the vehicle is recalled by the LESSOR for any reason, the Renter has to deliver the vehicle in its possession within 24 hours at the latest, at the location written in the contract. In the event that the Renter does not deliver the vehicles to the LEASOR during these periods, the crime of "abuse of safety" in the sense of the "Turkish Penal Code" occurs. Even in the period when the rented vehicle is not delivered to the lessor in the specified manner and time, the Renter 's liability willcontinue in accordance with this contract and its annexes. During the delivery of the vehicle to the Renter, if there is no damage on the vehicle that will be indicated in the ATF (including the picture and video), no note will be made on the ATF naturally. Likewise, during the return of the vehicle to the LEASOR; The Renter shall obtain the written approval of the vehicle's fueland mileage status in ATF, on its own copy, from the LEASOR's employee without any visible damage to the vehicle. However, the Renter 's responsibility will continue even if the vehicle is delivered for damages and malfunctions that cannot be seen at the time of the return of the vehicle to the LEASOR, require detailed examination to be understood, and occur afterwards. The Renter shall be responsible for these damages and malfunctions in accordance with the terms of the contract. All material, moral, legal and penal damages and damages that the vehicle delivered to the Renter may cause to other vehicles in traffic or to third parties until the termination of this contract and/or the actual return of the vehicle to the LEASOR, from traffic crimes and penalties, service contracts or any other All responsibility will irrevocably belong to the Renter (Operator) due to the recourse lawsuits that may be filed by the persons damaged for any reason and by the SSI. The legal addressee of the legal and penal responsibilities of such requests will be the Renter, not the LEASEE. The LESSOR is not responsible in any way for the damages incurred and caused by the vehicle rented under this lease agreement, and will not even be an interlocutor. The Renter (operator) is responsible for all damages, litigation expenses and attorney fees, both to third parties and to the lessor, that may arise until the LEASOR is subject to lawsuits or official proceedings due to this vehicle, and in case of being freed from this legaladdressee. The LEASEE shall provide the necessary de facto and legal support to the LEASOR in the lawsuits filed by the LEASOR to the 3rd parties or against the LEASOR to the 3rd parties. In the case of the LEASOR's request, the Renter shallalways assign its rights to the LEASOR. Although the LEASOR is not the "operator", he has to pay a price for these vehicles (with all kinds of penalties and expenses such as compensation, damages incurred due to traffic ban registration and tying, if the vehicle is left in the trustee's car park, etc.) It will recourse to the Renter, together with the interest and penalclause, all the documents that he has left. The rights of the Renter within the limits of the accident coverage are reserved. If the Renter does not return the documents belonging to the vehicle (motor vehicle registration certificate, motor vehicle traffic certificate insurance policy plates and vehicle keys) to the LEASOR at the time of delivery of the vehicle; As well as paying the rent for the period that will pass until they find and bring them, in case of loss, they are also obliged to pay the expenses to be made for the purchase of new documents together with the loss of business of the vehicle. The vehicle cannot be used or rented to other persons by the Renter under any circumstances or in any way other than the persons registered as the second driver in the ATF. COMPENSATION, INTEREST AND PENALTY CONDITION FOR DAMAGES ARISING TO THE LEASOR: The payments that are under the responsibility of the lessee according to this agreement, but which are obliged to be paid by the lessor for any reason, shall be covered by the Renter together with all its accessories. The annual commercial rediscount interest in force for all kinds of receivables of the LEASOR arising from this contract (rent, loss of value, loss of value, loss of earnings, operational costs, material / moral compensation, recourse, litigation expenses and minimum attorney fees and all other payments) The parties have agreed that the interest rate, which will be found with a surplus of 50%, will be applied as contractual interest. In the event that the Renter defaults on its debts arising from this contract, it accepts, declares and undertakes that it will pay a penalty of 25% of the delayed payment in addition to the contractual interest. The penalty amount cannot be less than 1000 TL in any way. In addition, the provisions in the other articles of this contract that impose a penal clause on the Renter are reserved. In other words, the penal clause determined in this article will be applied as an additional obligation in any case. In addition to the compensation of the loss incurred by the Renter, due to the actions of the Renter in violation of the matters mentioned in this contract; If the Renter has caused the damage intentionally or through gross fault or gross negligence, in such cases, the LEASEE may accept that its name, commercial reputation, title or brand have been damaged and may demand compensation from the Renter for at least twice the amount of material damage.

Motorcycles can be driven with a valid A-A1-A2 license. (B class vehicle license for scooter-motorcycles up to 50 cc). Although 50cc Scooters - Motorcycles do not legally prevent use with a Class B vehicle license, Scooters - Motorbikes cannot be rented without experience. 50 cc Scooter – Motorcycle 21 years old and 2 years License holder. 110 cc Scooter – Motorcycle 21 years old 2 years License holder. 125 cc Scooter – Motorcycle 21 years old 2 years License holder. 150 cc Scooter – Motorcycle 23 years old 2 years License holder. 200 cc Scooter – Motorcycle 23 years old 2 years License holder. 250 cc Scooter – Motorcycle 25 years old 2 years License holder. *The lessor rents his scooter according to the conditions, duration and rental price specified in the delivery form and rentalagreement.

*By signing this contract, the Renter accepts that he has received the motorcycle undamaged, with legal documents (if any, damage in writing - Picture or video), in working condition, and will deliver it to the place written in the contract, on the date and time specified in the rental contract. The contract cannot be extended unilaterally without the consent of the lessor. If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period, they should contact our office. If the request is accepted and he agrees to pay the price of the extended time – hour difference, the rental period is extended.

*Scooter - Motorcycle must be returned with legal documents and all equipment such as helmet, lock chain. In case any of them is lost or damaged, the Renter has to pay the cost of the damaged equipment. Loss of work in the time spent for the loss and renewal of documents will be recourse to the Renter.

*The renter must park the motorcycle in a safe and traffic-compliant place using a lock - chain. If the scooter is stolen, the police should be contacted and a report should be kept. In case of theft, Scooter – motorcycle current price will be collected from the Renter. The renter has to deliver the key and license of the motorcycle together with the specified report.

*The Lessor has no responsibility for the health (injury or death) of the Renter and the second passenger behind him in case of any accident or fall of the Renter. The Renter is responsible for his own health and the health of the passenger behind him. *The Renter will be responsible for all expenses to get the motorcycle back, such as banning the motorcycle from traffic due to the fault of the Renter, or taking it to the parking lot with the trustee, and the loss of business. *The rental price specified in this contract will be paid at the beginning of the rental. *One-day rental period is 24 hours. Scooter - Motorbike will be charged for a full day if it exceeds the return date and time written in the contract for more than 3 hours. For delays up to 3 hours, 30% of the daily rental price will be charged per hour. If the reservation is canceled less than 12 hours before the rental time, 1 day rental fee will be deducted from the reservation amount and the remaining amount will be refunded to the credit card you have declared during the rental within 7 days. *In case the vehicle is delivered earlier than the rental period after receipt, a 30% deduction will be made from the daily rental price for the remaining days and a refund will be made. *Deposits will be determined according to Scooter - Motorcycle class. Deposit is refunded upon return of rent. (with extra fees if any) Provision and withdrawal transactions taken from credit - debit cards are approved by the banks. The return period gives approval according to the legal period of the banks and we do not interfere with this period.* It is forbidden to use scooters under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for training, sports-racing, offroad, rally, etc. purposes. It is forbidden to use the scooter to persons not written in this contract. Goods cannot be transported with a scooter. For these reasons, the Renter is fully responsible for any accident or damage - costs. The scooter cannot be used outside of highways.

*Scooter - motorcycle (except 50 cc scooter) rented by the lessee is insured against third parties with legal policy limits according to the compulsory Financial Liability traffic insurance policy. The renter and (second driver-passenger) can only benefit from the limit determined by the compulsory traffic insurance for accidents that damage third parties or cause injury or death. In the event that the above conditions expire, all responsibilities will belong to the Renter. *The Renter is responsible for the stolen scooter-motorbike.

In case of theft, the police-gendarmerie and the Lessor should be notified immediately. The cost of job loss belongs to the Renter until the vehicle is found. The Renter is obliged to pay the current price of the scooter (the price of the scooter - the motorcycle to be sold).

*The Renter is responsible without hesitation for all damages that may occur as a result of any accident. Renter; *-The accident should be reported to the Lessor immediately. It is obligatory to obtain the driver's license-license-traffic insurance policy and contact information of the 3rd persons involved in the accident by calling the 112 police or the Gendarmerie, without moving the vehicle and leaving the accident scene, with the "Accident report, alcohol test, crime scene pictures and video". In addition, the passport entry date section of the driver who rented the vehicle and the page with the passport number must be delivered to our company within 24 hours at the latest. *In cases where there is no accident or alcohol report, When an accident occurs with a driver whose name is not written in the contract, If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any drugs at the time of the incident, the compulsory Liability insurance will not be valid, therefore the other parties of the accident will not be entitled to a value (pecuniary - non-pecuniary damage claim). ) or if he/she claims job loss, the Renter is responsible for all these materialand moral damages and is obliged to pay. In the event that the need for towing and similar services (accident - tire burst - breakdown) arises, the Renter will first inform Dinamikscooter and must accept this service fee, which will be made from the beginning, since the service to be made is subject to a fee. It may be leased to the Renter on condition that a certain mileage limit is used during the lease period. The ATF will also specify the PF Usage Right in the field, and the excess fee to be paid in case of exceeding this limit will also be specified in the ATF 'Additional PF Fee' field. In cases where the limit usage mileage is exceeded, the additional KM usage fee is calculated at the end of the rental, km/ 3.5 TL. There is no HGS in our company's scooters and motorcycles, so traffic fines are issued in case of entering toll roads. The penalty fee will be recourse to you. Güzelçamlı National Park entrance is subject to a fee and works with the HGS system. For this reason, you must pay the entrance fee in cash at the entrance of the National Park. By signing this contract, the Renter accepts all the conditions of the delivery form and contract procedures related to car rentalwithout objection.

*The delivery form is an integral part of this contract. Information about the vehicle will be written on the delivery form. *I approve that the credit card I have given in this contract can be used for payments such as rental fee, highway tickets, traffic fines, missing fuel, day and time difference, etc. *Disputes between the parties to this contract will be resolved in Kuşadasıcourts and enforcement offices. This contract and its annexes will remain under the ownership of Dinamik Turizm İşletmeleri Tic.A.Ş. and will be shared with the authorities when necessary. Government agencies will only accept the originalcopy of the contract.

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